Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Dance Romanesque and unfinished Romancia"

I keep sorta meaning to update this blog. Really though, sometimes, I wonder what the point is. I bet I'm probably the only one who ever reads it, but then, isn't that what a journal is for?

This blog was ment for those kinda posts that are too sensitive for me to post on LJ. Too sensitive, as in... well, just that. I could always just do a journal for myself, but as much as I'd like to, I don't care about myself all too much (though I do still kinda care).

Anyways, I keep feeling that I have some obligation to be at least semi presentible to an audience. I can't post my completely raw self in anything... pretty much ever... partially for the following reasons

a) the material gets read by someone who was never ment to read it.
b) 90% of all my posts would include me being emo about my love life, or lack of.
c) I honestly think if I were to do so, I would lose ALL my friends in a matter of a month or so.
d) the party van would be in front of my house within the month.

Anyway... but I'll try to keep this blog as raw as I can. I still kinda worry that no one ever reads it, but eh. Maybe that's for the best?

... then again... as I started typing, point a) came to mind. Though certain people haven't been informed of the existance of here, I'm so absolutely deathly afraid of what if they did come here, and see something I never wanted them to see. Geh.

So really, this is really failing at being much at all.

You want what I have to say in very vague terms? ok.

I love a girl, who I doubt could ever possibly love me back.


I love her so much, but then she says things that just make me sad.

Goodness. This freakin' sucks. Sorry. I'll say something when I actually have something good to say that I'm not afraid of saying.

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