Thursday, October 18, 2007

"It was... Dasani..."

Recently, more and more, I have this urge to go drinking with friends.

Yes, I know they are scary and freaky, and sometimes a pain, but I dunno. I don't plan to make a huge habit out of it, but goodness do I sometimes just want it bad.

But alas. It's not something that's gonna happen just cause I want it. Nor am I going to any lame ass frat/jock/skater parties or anything. And no way in bloody hell am I ever gonna be my drunk ass roommate from last year.

And I also don't wanna be a nuisance, so here's hoping I'm just the kind of guy who passes out instantly after they've had too much~

Friday, October 12, 2007

"Bloody hell."

Goodness, this is the most fucking emo blog in the universe.

Like, 100% of my posts consist of me insisting that this blog sucks ass, and the other 100% consist of me being really really emo.


On a side note, I've found that these days, I think I only have about two friends that I feel comfortable in completely spilling my guts to. Don't be offended if you're not one of those two, really. One of the main reasons I don't do it to everyone is cause I'm not sure anyone could take my endless rants about the exact same thing for hours and hours on end. Hell. I feel still feel bad that they kinda have to listen to me sometimes. But eh.

They say you can't change people.

How bloody badly do I want to prove that wrong. =/

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"I'm so sorry... that I've fallen for you."

Why do I hurting myself over this?


The moment I found out about what had happened, my heart stopped, and I suddenly couldn't stop crying.

I love her.

But she can't ever know... especially now.